If You Could Change The World


Polluting Smokestack

Child Very Ill with Chernobyl Radiation

Pristine Forest

Isn't it time,
that the "I"
became "We"
to save the "She"
that we call "Home"?

Let us be good stewards of the Earth we inherited.
All of us have to share the Earth's fragile ecosystems
and precious resources,
and each of us has a role to play
in preserving them.
If we are to go on living together on this earth,
we must all be responsible for it.
~ Kofi Annan ~
The Promise--The sun will come up again

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.
M. Gandhi

Everything you can imagine is real.

What Would You Do
If You Could change The World?

If you could change the world, what would you change?

Would you clean the air,
reforest the forests,
cleanup our waters,
make polluters responsible for their pollution and require them to clean up their messes,
stop child exploitation,
end violence,
find a cure for AIDS and HIV,
elect only kind and compassionate leaders,
fund alternative media,
teach people how to grow their own foods,
permanently depose dictators,
find a way to detoxify Chernobyl,
make wars obsolete,
pray that parents love their children?

The questions on this site,
are for you to answer.
Someone out there has a problem.
One of you, out there, has the answer.
Let us get together and solve the world's problems, together, one individual talking to one individual, at a time.

Please email your world problems and world answers to: pisabovall@kidsorganics.com
and we will post them on this site.
Do not be afraid of your own vision.
You, have the answers.

You have the answers.

The Answer--Peace

Anne Frank
Isn't it wonderful, that no one need wait a single moment,
before starting to improve the world?"
--Anne Frank

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Water Unsafe to Drink!

Polluting Smokestacks

Clear Cut Forest

The Promise--Tomorrow will be better than Today
All things are connected like the blood that unites us, We did not weave the web of life. We are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
~ Chief Seattle ~

Integrity comes but in the form of a little flower
There seem to be
but three ways
for a nation to acquire wealth.
The first is by war,
in plundering their neighbors.
This is robbery.

The second by commerce,
which is generally cheating.

The third is by agriculture,
the only honest way,
wherein man receives a real increase
of the seed thrown into the ground,
wrought by the hand of God in his favor,
as reward for his innocent life
and his virtuous industry.

--Benjamin Franklin

Creativity is not just a good idea, it is the future.
--Henri Matisse
Henri Matisse in artist studio

Ways in Which to be green and help save the earth . . .