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Natural Cleaners for Your Home

This page is in the works, but, here is a smattering of products that you might want in your cupboard instead of those environment and human poisoning toxins that you may have in there right now!
(See Toxins to Avoid in Everyday Products for a list of chemicals you need to familiarize yourself with, and avoid.)

Dr. Bonner SoapsDr. Bonner's Natural Soaps
These wondrous natural soaps serve as shampoo, cleaners, hand soaps, dental hygiene, etc. Maravilloso! Available in Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender.
Ingredients: Water, Saponified Coconut-Hemp-Olive Oils (with retained glycerin), Olive Fatty Acids, Essential Oil, Rosemary Extract.
Available in Peppermint, Lavender, and Eucalyptus.
Price: 16 oz. $9.00,
and 32 oz., $12.95.

Please send email to weecare@kidsorganics.com telling us which fragrance you would prefer.

7th Generation Automatic Dishwashing PowderSeventh Generation Automatic Dishwasher Powder
Ingredients: Water softeners (sodium carbonate, citric acid); cleaning and water spot prevention agents (alkoxylated linear alcohol, non-toxic polymers); china and dishwasher protection agent (sodium silicate);processing and flow aids (sodium chloride [a natural salt], sodium sulfate); multiple soil/stain removers (sodium percarbonate, non animal-derived enzymes).
Price: $6.45.

Seventh Generation is a wonderful company that is working hard, one product at a time, to return the environment to a more pristine condition. They have a free electronic monthly newsletter that keeps you abreast of all the latest information on health and toxins. Here is their website, www.seventhgeneration.com.

Ecover Dishwashing TabletsEcover Dishwasher Tablets
Ingredients: 30% citrate, 15-30% carbonate, 5-15% silicate, percarbonate, 5% non-ionic active washing matter from sugar, polypeptide, sugar based bleaching activator, lemon extracts, enzymes 30% citrate, 15-30% carbonate.
Price: $7.55 for 25 tablets.
black and white tree drawingLifeTree Dish Soap
Washing dishes by hand gets it done just as fast as the energy-hungry dishwasher, just don't keep the water running! :)
Ingredients: Purified water, naturally derived surfactants, botanically derived fragrance (Calendula and Aloe!).

Price: $6.29 for 16 oz.
7th Generation All-Purpose CleanerSeventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner
Ingredients: Natural cleaning agent (vegetable-based surfactant), Natural alkalinity builder for enhanced performance (sodium citrate), Preservative (less than 0.05%), Water.
Price: $5.55.
7th Generation Shower CleanerNatural Shower Cleaner by 7th Generation.
Ingredients: Hydrogen peroxide, biodegradable surfactants, citrus oil, food-grade non-toxic oxygen stabilizers, water.

Price: $6.50 for 32 oz. spray.
7th Generation Toilet Bowl CleanerNatural Mint Toilet Bowl Cleaner by 7th Generation.
Great squirting action for under the rim.
Ingredients: Organic salt cleaning agent (modified amine surfactant), xanthane gum, dye, mint oil, water.
Price: $5.95 for 32 oz.

Black and White Tree DrawingLifeTree Bathroom Cleaner
This 16 oz. bottle of recycled plastic holds a very effective and wonderful-smelling cleaner with tea tree and lavender oils. The lavender puts the calm and beauty into cleaning, and the tea tree takes out the bacteria naturally. Truly love it!
Ingredients: Purified water, coconut-derived surfactants, tea tree and lavender oils.
Price: $5.79 for 16 oz. bottle.
7th Gen Laundry PowderSeventh Generation Laundry Soap

Ingredients: Naturally derived cleaning agent (coconut-based surfactant); Non-chlorine all-color bleach and whitener (sodium percarbonate and non-animal derived enzymes to remove protein and starch stains); soil dispersant to prevent soil redeposition (carboxymethyl cellulose); water softener (soda ash, a naturally occurring mineral).

Price: $14.75 for 42 loads.
Ecover Stain RemoverEcover Natural Stain Remover
We love this stain remover as much as Granny's. However, this one has a handy scrub top attached to the bottle! We get in an absolutely joyful tizzy when the opportunity strikes to get out a difficult stain and be able to use this scrubby-top!
Ingredients:Water, vegetable-based soap, sugar-based surfactant, glycerin, natural acids and salts derived from sugar.

Price:$5.99 for 6.8 oz.
Earth Friendly Drain OpenerEarth Friendly Drain Opener
Don't you just cringe when you open the bottle of the highly toxic, yet well-known, Liquid Plumber or Drano? We do! We don't want our children around such toxins, or our waterways poisoned by them! Cap your current bottles securely and send them back to your store. Tell them you are tired of poisons. Perhaps they will understand, someday . . .

Open your drain instead with a natural drain opener like Earth Friendly, or, use a kitchen plunger or a metal snake. Once the drain is opened, keep your pipes clear by pouring boiling water down the sink at least once a month.
Sodium sesquicarbonate, Bacterial mixtures, and Proteolytic Enzyme.
Price: $9.98
Oxo BriteOxo Brite by Earth Friendly
Non-Chlorine Bleach.
Ingredients: Sodium percarbonate and sodium carbonate.
Price: $12.99

De-Solv-It Stain RemoverDe-Solv-It by Orange-Sol.
This stain remover works very well and is environmentally safe. Look for it in your grocery store, sometimes it is hiding there very quietly. However, be careful not to ingest or get into lungs.