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School Assemblies and Public Speaking Engagements

KidsOrganics will entertain and educate your students or employees on the five basic food groups, basic nutrition, the new USDA Food Pyramid, healthy food choices, the importance of live food and enzymes, and maintaining or improving health the natural way.

-KidsOrganics will visit your school or organization, for $300 per assembly, $500 per corporate presentation, or $350 per non-profit presentation.

-For school or company visits within San Diego, or Imperial counties, there are no travel costs for the visit.
-For visits outside the San Diego or Imperial counties, the school, or company, will need to cover travel costs (mileage and/or airfare) and hotel if needed.

To Arrange a KidsOrganics Visit:
Contact KidsOrganics.Com via email at:
Please write “Speaking Engagement” in the subject heading.

tea time

Private, Individual Consultation by KidsOrganics.Com Specialist

In an individual consultation, the foods and food supplements you consume, as well as the cleaning products and personal products you use will be assessed and recommendations will be made to help you achieve your goals.
The fee for initial consultations is $125. Initial consultations take anywhere from 1 - 3 hours.
Appointments for consultations can be made at (619) 445-5249

Thank you for remaining strong to your committment to improve the health and education of yourself, your children, your organization and the health of our planet, by educating yourself, as well as purchasing and supporting organic foods!

are directly responsible for the next seven generations.
Your actions, thoughts, intentions
will directly and profoundly affect
all those that come after you,
seven generations down.
So, think, feel and act well!

Make good history!