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Who is Kids Organics?

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Nothing is forever, but change.
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Mission Statement

It is the positive intent of Kids Organics
to bring to the world the reality
of a healthy, growing and sustainable world.
Introducing and using organic food is the first step.
The second step is the step of living organically,
living green, living to the beat of the earth.
The third step is
to influence the world in a positive manner,
to infuse the Universe with Love,
Understanding, and Harmony.
This is the mission statement of Kids Organics.

Be well, be true,
listen to your Mother.

Salutations! . . .

. . . And welcome to the natural world of Kids Organics!

We at KidsOrganics.com aim to recommend to you the highest quality natural and organic products and foods for all children,-- newborns, toddlers, school-age, and teens--as well as natural products for the pregnant, lactating, and all-around super mom's !

You will also find "green" parental advice and ideas that we have garnered and honed over the last amazing eleven years in our global effort to live happy, healthy and natural lives.

We hope you enjoy strolling through our pages, welcome.

A Balanced Life

"We are all on this world,
and in this life,

Keep balanced.
Ask not for more than we need.
Just enough,
everyone in this world will have enough
to live a very good life.

If you could change the world,
If you could search your heart, your courage, your soul,
how would you enable your fellow men, women, and children,
to co-exist
symbiotically, abundantly, and sustainably
upon the Earth?

What are the issues in your corner of the World?
How would you fix them if you could?
Don't just vent, create solutions!

Live well, eat well,
save your organic seeds,
give out more than you take,
leave only footprints (and a smile)
and . . .
sow a little goodness
Wherever you go. . .

Do you have some suggestions or questions for us?
Email us at:weecare@kidsorganics.com

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mother and child

Whether we are young
or older,
whether our children are toddling,
or have children of their own. . .
What a grand journey this is,
this ongoing,
voyage of motherhood . . .

stand up mothers and protect your children from that which is not in their highest and best good Mothers Act Up

Celebrate Your Life!

So that others
May simply live.

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