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Mission Statement

It is the positive intent of KidsOrganics.Com
to bring to the world the reality
of a healthy, growing and sustainable world.
Introducing and using organic food is the first step.
The second step is the step of living organically,
living green, living to the beat of the earth.
The third step is
to influence the world in a positive manner,
to infuse the Universe with Love,
Understanding, and Harmony.
This is the mission statement of KidsOrganics.

Be well, be true,
listen to your Mother.

12 Guidelines to Optimum Health

We at KidsOrganics.com wish for you the highest quality of life and joy. Here are some tips for living a healthy and fulfilling life.

    1. Laugh. happy man

    2. Ground. hiking
    Get out and put your feet on the ground. The real ground. No asphalt. No concrete. No fill dirt. Find a mountain. Scramble over a dried river bed. Feel the ground. There is something sacred and necessary about feeling your feet on true earth. Trek over it.
    Love it. Protect open spaces. Ground often.

    3. Drink plenty of water.
    love-enriched water crystalwater
    Opt for water. Forgo sodas, coffee, diet-anything. Just water, please. Type of water? Geothermal. Sun-filled. Blessed. Exposed to classical music. Crystal water. Water in clay jars. Yes.

    4. Exercise.running kites
    Be it yoga, walking and talking with friends, jogging, cycling, aerobics, tai chi, you do it. Do it 3-4 times per week, preferably with a friend. Remember, your heart beats for you. Thank it once in awhile.

    5. Eat fresh, eat healthy.2005 Food Pyramid
    Remember the old Food Pyramid? Here is the new one. Use high quality fuel to run your body. Fresh, organic, uncooked fruits and vegetables should be over 40% of your diet. Experiment with whole grains like spelt, amaranth, flax that don't sit in silos for years. Keep true to some of the foods eaten by your ancestors. (You are a product of their well-adapted genes).

    6. Eat only when hungry.
    Food is fuel, not your therapist or companion.

    7. Support local organic farmers and trees.

    tree and farmer

    Why? Farmers bring energy and life in the form of produce. Farmers use natural means to grow your food, therefore not poisoning your environment. Local farmers help minimize energy that might have been spent jetting or trucking your food across the continent or country.
    Trees? ancient tree
    Trees shade, house, feed, support and clean your air. Plant a tree, never cut one down. Thank them for being here.

    8. Do what you love.jumpin' for joy
    Do that which harms no one, but enriches everyone.

    9. Create moments of stillness.indioquiet woman

    10. Clean house.ancient place
    Allow for beautiful movement, for self, for house, for community. Your beautiful, uncluttered, spirit-filled house is an extension of you and your world. Let your world be brilliant.
    11. Dream and Pray.cross shooting star

    12. Love, deeply. tree and lovers

Be well. Live a glorious life.

Do you have some suggestions or questions for us?
Email us at:weecare@kidsorganics.com

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