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~ Astrid Alauda

How to Make Your Own Baby Food


You will need: Happy Baby Food Grinder
    1. A clean hand-powered baby food grinder, an electric blender or a food processor.
    3. Liquid, (such as breastmilk, natural baby formula, or mountain spring water.)
    4. A stainless steel pot, for when cooking meats and vegetables.
    5. An ice-cube tray, in which to freeze, then air-tight, freeze-able containers in which to store the baby food.

Here are some organic ingredient suggestions for making your own baby food.

Vegetables; Steamed Fresh FruitsProteins,
Click here to get recipe for making your own baby cereal.
CarrotsApplesFree-range, organically-fed beef, chicken or turkey without skinRice
Green BeansApricotsCooked BeansOatmeal
Green PeasBananasCooked LentilsMillet
PotatoesMelonCooked Egg YolkAmaranth
Sweet PotatoesPearsKamut
SpinachPlumsGarbanzo BeansTricale
CornPrunesBlack BeansRye

Making the Baby Food--Get Ready! You're a Chef!:

stainless steel pot

    1. Wash fruits and vegetables, thoroughly. Peel and de-seed, if necessary. Rinse grains and beans with water. Remove any skin and fat from meats.
    2. Cook food in small amount of water, until tender. Cook meats until fully-cooked, no pink!
    Do not add any salt, sweeteners or spices to any of the foods.
    3. Place food in grinder, blender or food processor. Add liquid you will be using. Puree. Food should be very thin for new eaters, pasty for seasoned eaters, and chunky for older children. See Food Progression Table for age milestones.
    4. Spoon out small portion into baby bowl.
    Feed baby small portion of food with baby spoon.
    Feed until baby is no longer interested in eating, and turns face away from food.
    Throw away any food left in baby's bowl that is not eaten.
    5. Freeze any unserved food in ice cube tray. Cover tray with aluminum foil.
    After food is frozen, take out of ice cube tray and place each "ice-cube serving portion" in it's own separate small sealable container (like Pyrex). Do not forget to label the container with the name of the food--(use Sharpie on masking tape), and the date it was made.
    Frozen baby food is good for 1 month from freeze date.

Happiness is knowing what is in the foods you eat as well as the cook who made them!!!