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Mission Statement

It is the positive intent of KidsOrganics.Com
to bring to the world the reality
of a healthy, growing and sustainable world.
Introducing and using organic food is the first step.
The second step is the step of living organically,
living green, living to the beat of the earth.
The third step is
to influence the world in a positive manner,
to infuse the Universe with Love,
Understanding, and Harmony.
This is the mission statement of KidsOrganics.

Be well, be true,
listen to your Mother.

Salutations! . . .

. . . And welcome to the natural world of kidsorganics!

We at KidsOrganics.com aim to recommend to you the highest quality natural and organic products for children,-- newborn, toddlers, school-age, and teens--as well as products for the moms who give birth to them, raise them and keep them safe.

In addition, you will find motherly advice and ideas, that we have garnered and honed in the global effort to live a happy, healthy and natural life.

We hope you enjoy strolling through our pages, welcome.

A Balanced Life

Somewhere in this world, it is Winter and we are resting. Somewhere in this world, it is Summer and the sun, which we don't remember as searing ever before, is is radiating into our skin. Somewhere it is Autumn and we are giving thanks for our continued life, and somewhere in this world, it is Spring and we are reminded that Hope is most definately around the corner.
Whereever you are, we are there, too, sharing your successes, and your challenges.

Remember, we are all in this world, and this life, together.

Keep balanced. Ask not for too much. Just enough, then everyone in this world, will have just enough for a very good life.

KidsOrganics.Com would like to thank the following individuals
for exceptional commitment and actions for the benefit of our world

Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize Recepient
for returning to her homeland, empowering women, and reforesting her country!
Annie Sullivan--Ultimate Teacher--Empowering the blind to "see",
Senator Hillary Clinton--For mirroring the perseverance and strength of women in the United States of America through her stand to become 1st Woman President
Al Gore--For continuing to become even louder on global warming
and sowing solutions all over the world
Dalai Lama--For spreading peace and hope

If you could change the world,
if you could search your heart, your courage,
your soul, how would you help?

Live well, eat well,
save your organic seeds,
give out more than you take,
leave only footprints, (and a smile)
and . . .
and sow a little goodness
wherever you go. . .

Do you have some suggestions or questions for us?
Email us at:weecare@kidsorganics.com

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mother and child

Whether we are young or we are older, whether our children are toddling, or have children of their own, what a grand journey this is, this ongoing, on-growing voyage of motherhood. . .


Live simply
So that others
May simply live.