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If You Could Change The World--What would you change?

As you journey through life,
choose your destinations well,
but do not hurry there.
You will arrive soon enough.
Wander the backroads and forgotten paths,
keeping your destination in your heart
like the fixed point of a compass.
Seek out new voices, strange sights and ideas foreign to your own.
Such things are riches for the soul.
And if, upon arrival,
you find your destination
is not exactly as you dreamed,
do not be disappointed.
Think of all you would have missed
but for the journey there,
and know that the true worth of your travels
lies not in where you came to be at journey's end,
but in who you came to be
along the way.

"For my part, I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of stars makes me dream."
--Vincent Van Gogh

Holistic Health Reference Books for Children, Self, and PetKid's Library--Baby to TeenSweet Books for Children and ParentsLovely ListeningBooks to Give at Baby ShowersInspiring Catalogs and Magazines

Recommended Reading

Holistic Reference Books

    Massage for Healthier Children by Marybetts Sinclair.
    Massage--all of us need it--even teeny, tiny little babies. This book teaches parents and caregivers to give peace-experiencing massage..

    Starbright, Meditations for Children by Maureen Garth.
    Love the visualizations the book suggests for creative and peaceful dream-wandering. We use it as a gateway to a blessed sleep.

    Smart Medicine For a Healthier Child

    by Janet Zand,OMD, LAc, Rachel Walton, RN, and Bob Rountree, MD.
    ---Of all the books in this recommended list, this one has got to be on your shelf! Greatly informative RE: childhood illnesses and various healing methodologies whether it be homeopathic, nutritional, allopathic, and/or herbal. Plus prevention tips! Superior reading and knowledge!

    Smart Medicine for Healthier Living by Janet Zand.
    A great reference book on how to take care of the adults in your life, including yourself. Homeopathic, herbal, nutritional or conventional "doctor-prescribed medical" options,--you get to choose.

    Safe Shopper's Bible--A Consumer's Guide to Non-Toxic Household Products
    by Steinman and Epstein.
    Detailed evaluation of all (alternative and natural) brand-name household products and the ingredients they contain. Be clean, green and healthy because of it!

    Wonderplay by Fretta Reitzes and Beth Teitelman.
    Fun ideas on how to inspire and play. For mamas, papas and babies.

    Dream Dictionary by Tony Crisp.
    Best book on analyzing dreams we've ever experienced!

    You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.
    Before disease, there is dis-ease. This book by Louise Hay identifies the emotional issues that precede the onset of disease. Stop dis-ease before disease sets in!

Kids Library

    Goodnight Moon
    by Margaret Wise Brown.
    A Classic and a must-have for the library. Both my boys have read and re-read this book until the binding came apart, , that is how much they loved it. For children under four.

    Positively Mother Goose
    Large hardcover with a positive spin on Mother Goose rhymes. We all need to raise children focused on the positive--the world and the Earth needs them!

    The Furry Bedtime Book
    by Margo Lundell.
    This book has a thick, fuzzy tan cover, like the hair on a teddy bear. The story is, fittingly about, a little bear afraid of the night, the wind, and the scratching tree branches near his bedroom window, and the wonderful ways his mother calms him. A very consoling and brave little book. For children between two and six.

    I Love You the Purplest
    What a wonderful book about how one mother deals with the question--who do you love most?
    Heed this book, mothers, and love each child in his/her own unique way!

    Seventeen Things I'm Not Allowed to Do Anymore
    Oh, my gosh! We love this book about a head-strong and very intelligent little girl with a younger sibling. This one is a major laugh-out loud. Recommendation---Read it before you give to an impressionable child with a younger sibling. :)

    A Kids' Guide to Building Forts by Tom Birdseye---Fun!
    Gives parents and kids wonderful ideas for adventure. Inspiring fort-building children over five.

    Celebrations! Children Just Like Me.
    A lovely book on celebrations 'round the world, put together by Unicef. Inspires tolerance from knowledge. Aimed at children over four. Our family uses it to start new international traditions and celebrate diversity.

    A Kid's Herb Book by Lesley Tierra.
    Wow. What a very cool book! For gardener's and to-be-herbalists over eight years old.
    Herb lore, pictures of herbs, recipes for root beer, ginger ale, marshmallows, sun teas, how-to's for herbal sachets, dream pillows, pressed flower bookmarks--it's all here!
    Absolutely very, very wise and fun.

    Princess So-Wise by Kathleen Dorantes
    This is an exceptional and witty book about an intelligent and independent princess. All our favorite characters from fairy tales come back to visit, with a delicious twist. Too fun! For children over eight.

    A Series of Unfortunate Events, Books 1 through 13.
    Having trouble getting your child to read? Have no fear. Buy them the first book in the series of the Unfortunate Events--they will beg for another book!. This series is about the adventures of two orphaned children (boy and girl) who find themselves in all kinds of alternatingly lovely and precarious situations.

    The Kings Equal
    Witty tale, wonderfully written. About a vain, rich prince and a poor, but very wise young woman. Great lessons about combating fear, and replacing rudeness with compassion. At each school we teach, the kids are mesmerized.
    From grade three to grade five.

    Earth Mother
    Superb illustrations. Excellent message regarding how everything is connected on this web we call Earth. Lovely text, equally lovely images!

    The Secret
    At this time of the Great Shift, create only beauty for yourself, your family, your community. This book, and (We love the DVD!) tells you how to create the life you have always dreamed about. Dream good. Dream big.

    Living Big by Pam Grout.
    For the idealist in all of us. Exquisite stories on how to put in place an extraordinary life with little things that have hugely positive reverberations.

Sweet Books to Own

    The Giving Tree
    by Shel Silverstein.
    A lovely book about the relationship, through time, between a boy and his "mother" tree.
    My boyfriend, who later became my husband, lost it when we became engaged. I never forgot the book. Notwithstanding, when I gave birth to my first son, I bought it again. Some books are keepers.

    The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.
    Teaching the care of our environment starts at a young age.
    The Lorax, is about a greedy man and the Lorax, a steward for the trees.
    Heed our words, teach our children to care for the earth.

    The Twelve Gifts of Birth by Charlene Costanzo. Beautiful pictures, lovely prose. This book makes me cry and inspires me, all at the same time. The pearls of wisdom in this lovely book are prayers every parent holds for their child. Nice job, Charlene. This little book is a wonderful jewel.

    Love You Forever by Robert Munsch.
    Another tear-jerking book. This one about a mama who loves her little boy, even after he is grown and has a baby of his own. Oh, why do we mothers do this to ourselves?! Buy it! Don't think twice. Buy it and hang onto it!

    Tea with Victoria Rose by Susan Wheeler.
    Ho! What a glorious book. If you like tea, or tea parties, or even the thought of sitting outside with a good friend underneath the shade of a wispy willow tree, you will love this book. A true inspiration-- filled with tea recipes, classical music recommendations, how to make tasty tea sandwiches or scones, and wonderful prose. Fun, fun, fun. For children and their mama's, over four.

Books to Give at Showers

    On the Day You Were Born
    by Debra Frasier.
    Somehow this book captures all the grandeur of a new birth-- all the joy, all the anticipation, all the magnificence of a new baby. Hmm. Very special.

    The Twelve Gifts of Birth by Charlene Costanzo. Beautiful pictures, lovely prose. This book makes me cry and inspires me, all at the same time. The pearls of wisdom in this lovely book are prayers every parent holds for their child. Nice job, Charlene. This little book is a wonderful jewel.

    Smart Medicine For a Healthier Child

    by Janet Zand,OMD, LAc, Rachel Walton, RN, and Bob Rountree, MD.
    ---Of all the books in this recommended list, this one has got to be on your shelf! Greatly informative RE: childhood illnesses and various healing methodologies whether it be homeopathic, nutritional, allopathic, and/or herbal. Plus prevention tips! Excellent shower gift, no matter how many babies the mother has had.

    Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth
    by Richard Moskowitz.
    I wish I would have had this when I was pregnant. Homeopathic medicines are derived from plants and distilled to the point where just the essence remains. Gentle and effective, homeopathics do not conflict with any other medications you may be taking. Worth having.

    what to expect when you're expecting
    What to expect when you're expecting
    by Arlene Eisenberg, Heidi E. Murkoff, and Sandee E. Hathaway. Grandmama of All Pregnancy Books. Major, MAJOR! must-have. It is THE BIBLE of Pregnancy books! Serves to alleviate all our anxieties about childbirth and pregnancy, whether it is our first child, or our sixth. Available in English and Spanish.

    The Expectant Father
    ISBN 978-0789205384

    pregnancy calendar
    Pregnancy Calendar

    This is a great calendar to have. Not just a calendar. From conception to birth, this helps guide you to knowing what stage your baby is in--remember when he/she is in brain growth, eat lots of wheatgerm and foods that stimulate brain growth! Super gift.

Lovely Listening

Great Mental Stimulation for Babies--Video's

baby einstein video
    Baby Einstein, Baby Bach, and Baby Mozart all created by Julie Aigner-Clark.
    Super videos for babies. Our 5 and 6 year old's still love them! There are vibrant images of toys and child's play, combined with exciting music from musical masters. The Baby Einstein video introduces words from at least five different languages. There is also a Baby Newton, a Baby Shakespeare, and a Baby Van Gogh, Baby Vivaldi, etc., any of these videos would be a great gift to a new mom, grandparents or for your own collection. Highly recommended!

    Other lovely ways to stimulate baby's brain--take him/her to the ocean or a babbling brook; sit at a playground and listen to the laughter of the children, sing softly, tickle feet, play classical music, watch the leaves of a tree flutter together, listen to lullabies in different languages on CD, or play that fun Peace Planet Aquarium nightlight in the dark.

Catalogs and Magazines

    Seeds of Change--Wonderful pictures, organic and heirloom seeds and other products, and information on growing your own organic garden. Super pictorals!
    Bountiful Gardens--Not as pretty as Seeds of Change catalog, and the seeds are not always organic, but the people in charge are delightful to speak with and very knowledgeable. Ask about proven methods to rid your favorite areas of gophers. Catalog well worth having. They can be emailed at:bountiful@sonic.net
    Victoria Magazine What can we say? When you can't get away even for five minutes and no one wants to babysit, you can at least mentally glide into one of the tranquil scenes in any Victoria magazine and become a lounging lady in a virgin white muslin dress, sipping herbal tea by a clear blue pool. Azure delphiniums and pink sweetpeas seductively trail their gentle fragrance on the Mediterranean breeze. Your home is perfectly tidy and dusted, a Mona Lisa smile flits across your serene face, albeit for just one minute. Ah, but what a minute. Then the crying or the feeding or the burping or fighting or the doo-doo diaper begins again, --unless of course, you escape to the bathroom, and lock the door . .
    ORGANIC STYLE magazine and Natural Home Magazine. These magazines are a must for people who have gone green and want to get greener. Super pictures, well-researched articles. We simply can't wait for the next issues!
    ORGANIC GARDENING magazine .
    This is a thin, little magazine packed with solid, proven information on how to grow and maintain a garden or landscape, the natural way, without harmful and toxic pesticides and chemicals. The color saturation and photography has recently been upgraded, and the magazine's beauty and content is bound to stun you on the spot. Been around for 60 years. Look forward to 60 more.
    Under the Chinaberry Tree. Chinaberry,. This is a sweet, charmingly-illustrated little catalog that has an extensive array of children's books. Don't know what to buy your precocious child? Chinaberry will give you some inspiring and magical options. You can also find tittilating science and craft kits, as well as decadent Ahlaska organic cocoa or cookie paint box kits. Fun!
    ODE Magazine
    ODE is a Netherlands magazine reaching out to the world with ideas and stories to improve who we are and where we are. A real treat to read. :)

    Mary Jane's Farm Magazine
    What a cool magazine.
    Has organic foods to buy, lessons from a city girl-became-farm-girl, organic gardening and more. Incredible photos. Awesome magazine. Way to go, Mary Jane!

All books and music recommended by KidsOrganics.Com, may be purchased through Abe Books , BestBookBuys.com, FetchBook or Amazon.Com-- incredible sites delivering your favorite books at unbelievable prices!

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
--by Albert Einstein