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From mom to mom, from ear to ear, the elusive, empowering, ideal of a voice does exist, it exists here.

Use this page for your eloquent ideas, poetry, inspiring quotes, short prose, current events, nature photographs, or even wish list. Boast to your family and friends that your thoughts have joined the electronic Universe. Use your thoughts, your creativity, as a tool, a tool for change; for enlightenment.

Let your voice count for the positive.

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As I move through this life,
I relish the sky,
the air,
the twitters of birds,
the voices of neighbors,
the color of the different beings on this planet--
plant, mineral, animal, insect, fish, human.
I walk through this world, and I am happy that I am me,
and that I exist.

--Pisa Bovall, Turkey

"Terrorism is the war of the poor and war is the terrorism of the rich."
--Peter Ustinov

Dear Kids Organic,
Thank you for your website about harmful chemicals. I read on your site about the harm from Benzalkonium Chloride (BAK) which is in cosmetics.
I'm also concerned that it is in many glaucoma eye drops contains a benzene-related chemical. Benzene is well documented to cause bone marrow damage.
I've been sent six pages detailing eye problems caused by eye drop preservatives, published in OPHTHALMOL 2001 Jun: 8(6):74-80. This states eye drop preservatives can cause toxic inflammatory changes of the ocular surface, fibroblasts, dry eyes, cell death, etc.
Xalatan glaucoma eye drops contain more of this chemical than most.
Perhaps preservatives could be reduced if manufacturers instructed patients to store drops in the FRIDGE. Most glaucoma drops donít have to be refrigerated after opening - just kept at room temperature.
Manufacturers probably add extra preservatives to enable them to be stored at room temperature.
We read that drops can be kept bacteria-free for a week or two, so why don't manufacturers supply drops in smaller bottles lasting just a week? Then they could omit preservatives.
A new preservative, Purite, Stabilized Oxychloro Complex (SOC), dissipates into the natural components of tears & so is much less toxic & more suitable for long-term use. Some glaucoma patients could be using eye drops several times a day for over 35 years.
We should press for preservative free drops etc!

Best wishes,
A. Wills

Thank you, Reader Wills. Any comments or natural suggestions?---K.O.

Please let it be understood, that no violence, profanity, anything that undermines humanity, love, peace, tolerance and kindness can not, in good conscience, be included in this forum. So, in essence, we suppose that our free speech page is not so "free" after all.

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As the Tibetans say, "Everything, absolutely everything, counts"
Referring to intentions, action, inaction, thoughts.

It is better to light one small candle,
than to curse the darkness.