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It is the positive intent of KidsOrganics.Com
to bring to the world the reality
of a healthy, growing and sustainable world.
Introducing and using organic food is the first step.
The second step is the step of living organically,
living green, living to the beat of the earth.
The third step is
to influence the world in a positive manner,
to infuse the Universe with Love,
Understanding, and Harmony.
This is the mission statement of KidsOrganics.

Be well, be true,
listen to your Mother.

Salutations! . . .

. . . And welcome to the natural world of kidsorganics!

Winter Ruminations

It is getting cold.
Trees have lost their leaves and have settled deep down into the depths of their trunks
to rest and weather out the season.
And so do we . . .
Here are some ideas for the time in our season for weathering out the hardships . . .

For school--Ideas for the Lunchbox.
For a healthy home (since we are inside more) --Natural, Non-Toxic Products.
For keeping your immunity strong naturally--Family Health Maintenance.
For a healthy community--Alternatives to Toxins.
Make your own soaps and candles, Herbal Accents or natural personal care products Organic Formulations.Com.

Sit down with a beautiful and inspiring calendar for mothers all over the world, from mothers changing the world at Mothers Acting Up!--Go mamas!

And finally, a free and global venue for keeping your creative thoughts flowing,--Free Speech, Your Connection to the Universe.

Live well, eat well,
save your organic seeds,
give out more than you take,
leave only footprints, (and a smile)
and . . .
and sow a little goodness
wherever you go. . .

Do you have some suggestions or questions for us?
Email us at:weecare@kidsorganics.com

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mother and child

Whether we are young or we are older, whether our children are toddling, or have children of their own, what a grand journey this is, this ongoing, on-growing voyage of motherhood. . .


Live simply
So that others
May simply live.