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If you want happiness for an hour--take a nap.
If you want happiness for a day--go fishing.
If you want happiness for a month--get married.
If you want happiness for a year--inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime--help someone else.

--Chinese Proverb

Gifts for Children

Chinaberry Envelope Mill
Learn to recycle and reuse paper of all sorts, wrapping paper, stamps, cards, ribbon, and make envelopes the post office will envy and the recipient will treasure.
child's baking kitReal Baking Kit,
But child size!
Now they can really help, on a miniature scale!
Chinaberry Real Baking Set
cookie-cutter kitCustom Cookie Cutter
This is a custom-made cookie cutter replicating your own child's little hand. To make great cookies out of.
To keep forever and ever.
Perhaps the kids might even pass it along to their children when they are grown. Sob.
Chinaberry Custom Cookie Cutter
valentine kit
Here is a great kit to make your own Valentines. Teaches ingenuity.
Chinaberry Valentine Kit
fairy nightlightFairy Night-Light
Make all those bumps in the night, go bye-bye with the ever-watchful fairies. Comfy sleep.
Chinaberry Fairy Night Light
Magic DustMagic Fairy Dust
For special days, or regular days when magical thoughts are required.
Chinaberry Fairy Dust
wonderful fairy tentFairy Tent
Lovely way to bring real magic to a party or a little girl's room.
To give this wonderland, go to Magic Cabin Dolls icon.
silk wings in pastelsSilken Wings
To fly about in. To wrap oneself up in. To dream. Chinaberry Silken Wings
dream pillowDream Pillow
Filled with lavender. Smells so lovely, and feels so soft. Keep some lavender essential oil on hand for refreshing.
Visit Magic Cabin Dolls icon for more lovely gift ideas.
Rainbow Silk Blanket
Soft and lovely. Our children loved hugging them and drifting off to sleep.
Find it at MagicCabin icon.
The Wind Boy book
The Wind Boy
"Books just don't come much more refreshing and uplifting than this one. With the magic and fantasy of a classic myth and the ageless charm of a beloved fairy tale, THE WIND BOY is one of those stories that truly speaks to both children and adults alike."
Again, found at Chinaberry.
recycled tire swingTrusty Steed Recycled Tire Swing
If you have a sturdy tree, you must get this wonderful swing, sure to be a sweet pastime memory.
Found at the lovely Magic Cabin. icon
"Quick Search" for "tire swing".
rock tumbler Rock Polisher.
Got to have one for the child who cannot go on a walk without coming home with a pocketful of rocks.
Chinaberry Rock Polisher
trick photography kitTrick Photography Kit
Non-breakable camera with interesting tips on photographic illusion. Ages 8+.
Find this kit at Usborne Publishing.
juggling kit
The Book of Juggling by R. Gibson
Give them the opportunity to try learning, and perfecting, a skill few know how to do. It is fun and takes persistence, which is a great lesson.:)
To view more on this kit, go to Usborne Publishers.

For other wonderful companies carrying wooden toys or toys which inspire, please visit
Magic Cabin Dolls,
and Natural Baby Company,
where we bought all our priceless baby toys that lasted from newborn through to toddlerhood, and child to child.

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Give what you have.
To someone it may be better
Than you dare to think.

--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"S" is for the Stars
that shiver and burn
beyond the rim of the earth,
For the snowdrops drenched by spring rain,
For the nightingale's song
for the hissing snake,
For the moon-swollen seas,
and the silence of underground caverns.

Brian Patten
The Blue and Green Ark