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Mission Statement

It is the positive intention of KidsOrganics.Com
to bring to the world the reality
of a healthy, growing and sustainable world.

Introducing and using organic food is the first step. Feeding organic foods to our children is of vital importance to their health and well-being.

The second step is the step of
living green; living to the beat of the earth.
Teaching our children to listen to the earth,
secures the future for our children,
the many grandbabies
to come after them
and the rest of the organisms that fill this beautiful planet.

The third step is
the intention to positively influence the world with our thoughts and with our actions;
to infuse the Universe with Kindness,
Harmony and Hope. Surrounding ourselves
and our children,
with this intention,
secures the possibility
for a Truly Wonderful Life
and a Self-Actualizing Peace.

This is the mission statement of KidsOrganics.

Be well, be true.
Listen to your Mother.

Salutations! . . .

. . . And welcome to the natural world of kidsorganics!

We hope you enjoy strolling through our pages, take your time, visit often.

Affirmation of Balance.

Welcome, Spring,and welcome Life!

There is nothing more important than clean air, clean water, pure and wholesome food and love of family, neighbors and self.

We can do our best at keeping our earth-mother clean while we clean our home--Remember, we, are a microcosm of She--
For ideas on how to keep your home, your natural cleaning business, and Earth Mother clean, free and natural, visit our list of Natural, Non-Toxic Products or, create your own with time-tested natural alternatives at
Alternatives to Toxins.

Keep our immunity strong, naturally. There are new engineered and rescusitated viruses circulating through our world. Fear and illness can run rampant. Let us arm ourselves with a positive attitude and knowledge of natural products,--Family Health Maintenance.

Start planting heirloom and/or organic seeds to grow your own "produce stand".

Take a hike! Leave the gas-guzzling machine in the driveway and strengthen your heart, your lungs, your legs and your attutude! Invest therefore in the strength of yourself, and not in the strength of the stock of a Chevron or a Shell.

Got Frankenfields?
So many of our countries and communities have accepted engineered crops and/or pharmcrops. Mexico has lost much of its native corn crops.
If your homeland has become cross-pollinated with crops from "the chemical-side of the tracks", try to find organic produce or heirloom seeds near you. If your crops have not yet been "polluted", help keep your community free from GE crops. Here is how Mendocino, California has fought to be GE-free--Free Mendocino!

Live well, eat well,
save your organic seeds,
give out more than you take,
leave only footprints, (and a smile) and . . .
and sow a little goodness wherever you go. . .

Do you have some suggestions or questions for us?
Email us at:weecare@kidsorganics.com

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Whether we are young
or we are older,
whether our children are toddling,
or have children of their own,
what a grand journey this is,
this ongoing,
voyage of motherhood
. . .